Hi Residents

A group of concerned citizens have prepared a survey regarding the
needs of our community once the Oakville Trafalgar Hospital has been
re-located to Dundas and Third Line.

They are asking all of us to complete the survey, which will then be
forwarded to the Local Integrated Health Network which is seeking
input from residents.

A letter and the survey are below.


West Harbour Resident’s Association.


Fellow Residents:The MH-LHIN Ad Hoc Advisory Committee, OTMH Site is  conducting a survey in this area regarding the OTMH move and the provision of a new Health Hub on the OTMH lands. The survey can be completed on line using Survey Monkey or by hard copy.

The link to Survey Monkey is https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9VPJZB9 . Hold down ctrl when clicking on the link. Do not attempt to enter the link manually on Google. It will not work. If you wish to enter the link manually, enter it in the top left hand line on internet explorer.

We encourage you to use Survey Monkey, but if you would prefer to use a hard copy, we will provide youwith one. Fill it out and seal it in the envelope provided. This is to ensure confidentially. Return the sealed envelope to the person who provided it to you or to the address below.

Several residents associations are helping us with this and so you may hear from them also. The survey should only be completed once for each household.

We need return of hard copy surveys and completion of on line surveys by July 13.We appreciate your help, and if you have any questions let us know.

Please call your contact person, or Carol and Grant Gooding:

Co-Chairs, MH-LHIN Ad Hoc Advisory Committee, OTMH Site                            

250 Elton Park Road, Oakville ON L6J4C1 905 845 8973