Dear West Harbour Residents,

You may have noticed the sign at 42 Lakeshore Road has changed from
‘Land for Sale’ to ‘soon’ with a green sprout.The green sprout is the
Greenlife trademark of Delridge Homes. Thanks in large measure to
facilitation and prodding from your WHRA Board – specifically
President Diana Trask and Development Sub-committee Hart Jansson and
Paul Visser – Town staff and Delridge have overcome the heritage
hurdles, and a new development application is expected form Delridge
within a month.Thanks also to our Councillor Cathy Duddeck, who acted
on our behalf.

The new application, which consists of a 4-storey building, is
expected to proceed in an expedited manner. We will keep you informed
as the matter progresses.

Enjoy our glorious fall!
Your WHRA Board