Hello Residents

We have now received a copy of the Traffic Study that was presented at the Town Meeting on June 14th.  The study has been posted on our website and a link is shown below.

Traffic Study

During the meeting we learned that the Town does not take into consideration the use of an intersection when conducting traffic studies but, rather, relies on a count of the traffic going through.  As you know, your WHRA Executive has been petitioning the Town for a four way stop at the intersection of Burnet and Wilson Streets for many years, due to the children’s playground that is located next to the intersection.  

We have the support of our Councillors and have heard from Councillor Chisholm that the Town will conduct one further traffic study on the weekend following the July 1st holiday and he has asked us to circulate his letter below. 

Hi folks, 

 The Town will be doing a Warrants Study for possible stop signs installation (north and south) at the Wilson and Burnet intersection the July 1st long weekend. Specifically, they will be there for two days, Friday and Saturday from approx. 11am to 7pm. My ask is, could you please pass this message along to your contacts that live in the area to take the opportunity to drive their vehicle through this intersection during these designated times. The target is an 80 percentile to ensure installation of these two stop signs. Let’s hope we can meet this target.